Individual Therapy

Unfortunately many people believe that they should be able to address all of their problems on their own and that coming to individual therapy will be seen as a sign of weakness.

I think this could not be further from the truth. If we break a bone, or are ill, we do not hesitate, or see it as a sign of weakness to consult an expert on how to make ourselves well again.

Is Therapy Right For Me?

I believe those people who come to therapy to better themselves, address the issues that are getting in their way or holding them back from living to their potential, or who come to address their depression, anxiety or stress show enormous strength in doing so. It is not always easy to admit we may need to change, or that we may need a little help in doing so. It can be difficult to face issues in the present or from the past, which were or are, challenging or painful.

We are all imperfect beings with experiences that have left their mark on us, sometimes in good ways, but sometimes in ways that end up getting in our way.

Sometimes we see these things clearly, sometimes we need some help getting them into focus.

Sometimes we work them out ourselves, sometimes we feel stuck.

Sometimes we can identify what is getting in our way, but can’t seem to change what we need to change.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the same patterns, making the same mistakes or choices, choosing the same type of partner, grieving from a lost relationship or loved one…or we just feel stuck in a rut.

Benefits of Individual Therapy.

Individual therapy can help identify the source of the obstacles in people’s lives.

There are several tools I use within the therapy I provide, to help people to feel freer to reach for their potential, less encumbered or hopefully even unencumbered, by these issues and obstacles.

I believe my approach is pragmatic and solution focused. My style is to listen for the deeper issues and connections, and address them expeditiously.

I believe that deep work can be done in a short period of time and I have seen people make tremendous gains in therapy in brief amounts of time.

People often ask me how I can listen to people’s problems all day long.  In thinking about this question, I realized that isn’t how I see it at all. I see it as listening for the solutions and I feel privileged to be trusted to guide and support people in making amazing transformations before my eyes.