Frequently Asked Questions

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A psychologist or psychotherapists job is far more complex than just listening… many sympathetic people can do that.

When I work with you I won’t just be “listening to problems,” as friends do for each other. I will be listening for the solutions and then helping you to adopt a solution or a different way of seeing and doing things.

I will be looking for connections, patterns and threads. I will be listening for the roots of the problems and for negative beliefs and maladaptive meanings that support the problems, with the end goal of finding solutions that work better for you.

No one’s life is perfect. We all have things that have happened to us that color the way we see things, the way we feel, or that get in the way of our living to our potential. I want to help you identify the source of the things that are getting in your way, so you can live a more full, productive, healthy and happy life.

Being able to identify when you need to change things about yourself is a strength not a weakness. Therapy is an amazing opportunity. It’s an investment you make in yourself that you will be able to benefit from for the rest of your life. Successful therapy requires at least two active and engaged people (the therapist and the person or people seeking therapy). The transformation and meaningful change that ultimately result will be equal to the effort you put into the process.

This of course depends on the number and severity of the issues we need to address. Because I am very solution oriented and am certified in a form of treatment that tends to work quickly, I find that often issues can be resolved in a relatively short amount of time.

I usually like to meet with the couple together first so that I can make sure both members of the couple are able to participate in establishing some goals and discussing confidentiality before making a decision about whether to have indict all meetings.

When working with couples I want to deepen and improve their relationships, and their communication so they can continue the hard work of being in a successful relationship, if that is their goal.

As a psychologist, I have a PhD in clinical psychology. Psychiatrists have medical degrees and as such they are qualified to prescribe medication, whereas my education and my focus as a psychologist is on providing psychotherapy.

This depends on your particular needs, however in general you can expect to describe your current situation, the issues which are troubling you and any relevant history. This will help me to provide the appropriate therapy for you.

I resigned from all insurance companies years ago, but I can provide you a bill that you can submit to your insurance company for out of network reimbursement. This means you would pay me, submit the bills to your insurer and then your insurance company would reimburse you according to your contract with them. Usually there is an out of network deductible you will have to meet before they will reimburse you.