I need your help

Four simple words can make such a difference when asking your child to do something around the house.  For example, I asked my son this morning to put his dishes in the dishwasher after breakfast…he grumbled a little, but he did it.  About 15 minutes later while he was already doing something he enjoyed (an even harder sell) I told him I needed his help to clean up some crumbs and put some stuff away in the family room.  He happily came to help.  Then another 10 minutes later I told him I needed his help again to sweep the front walkway.  Again he jumped up and did it cheerfully.  The difference? Four words…”I need your help.”  I think if you frame requests this way children feel more valued, like they are making a contribution.  It worked for me anyway! Tell me what you think! What ways have you found to elicit cooperation from your kids?

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